Dark mornings, cold evenings and creamy celery soup

Dark mornings, cold evenings and creamy celery soup

Creamy celery soupIt feels like winter doesn’t it? Somehow there’s a hush as the world around us wants to sleep. Yes, of course life continues it ferocious pace of work and responsibilities, but if I still my mind, I hear our giant tulip tree whispering lullabies as she drops the very last of her golden leaves. The mornings seem to come too soon lately. The alarm beckons us to a new day, but Nature seems content in a few minutes more of slumber. And boy does my body resist as I drag it out of bed! The best thing for me is to throw the curtains open wide and watch the rising sun, drinking a glass of lemon water with some sea salt in it. That is my first step in the right direction of being awake and ready for the adventures of another day. Our bodies crave nourishment this time of year; quick fixes may be alluring, but they do us no good at all. Salads are for me the medicine bowls of summer but the colder months ask for soups! Our immune systems are under more pressure and we need to feed our bodies with bowls of deeply nourishing comfort. This one is just the ticket.


3 bunches chemical free celery, washed and chopped

3 large onions, chopped

3 cloves giant garlic, chopped

Your favourite stock – I used my Mock Chicken stock and a few ladles of T&C beef broth

250mls cream

Grass-fed Butter

Extra-virgin olive oil for frying

Salt & pepper



Sauté the chopped onion, the celery and garlic in a good nob of butter until just translucent.  You want everything to get a lovely lick of butter. I love nutmeg, so of course I added some at this point, be light-handed, let the celery be the hero. If you don’t like nutmeg, leave it out. Add enough stock/broth to more than cover all the veg, bring to a boil then simmer on a low heat for about 15 mins, keeping everything green and fresh. That is it. Now add the cream and blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning.

I fried some of the celery leaves in a little extra-virgin olive oil until they turn crispy. Don’t let them burn. Place on top of soup with a few drops of the oil and a good crack of black pepper.

This can work beautifully as a starter for an elegant meal or be a humble but satisfying meal of its own. It is earthy but still lovely and light, healthy and delicious. Enjoy!


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