Beef Bone Broth (250ml)



Bone broth sustains, heals and feeds the body. It has numerous powerful benefits, including better gut health, improved joint health, stronger teeth and bones, liver detoxification, kidney support and energy sustenance. It is extremely high in vitamins and minerals and stimulates the body’s natural regeneration and immunity systems. Read more here and here.

Our bone broth is made using a very slow cooking process (we’re talking days here) that leads to deep extraction of nutrients from the bones. This makes it extremely important to use ingredients full of natural health and vitality. Our stock bones are from the certified grass-fed meat provided by Braeside Meat Market.

This broth is rich, flavourful and deeply curative – no seasoning means you can adjust flavour to your taste. Recommended dosage is 250ml per day.

Sold frozen  (400ml per portion)

Ingredients: beef bones, non-GMO apple cider vinegar